Adaptable and Flexible are Desirable in a “Downsized” Environment


I really loved reading Todd Cohen’s article,Real-world skills valued in nonprofit workplace (Philanthropy Journal, May 12, 2009).   It was refreshing to learn about what some nonprofit organizations are doing to optimize the capacity of their remaining “downsized” staff such as creating opportunities for on-the-job learning or focusing on leadership development.  Some employers have retained professionals who are able to take on responsibilities outside the scope of their traditional title.    The take-away points for job-seekers are 1) be prepared to show your flexibility to work outside a designated role 2)  include “leadership development” opportunities or experiences you have had, even if they were internal or interim,  3) be prepared to offer examples of times when you have been adaptable in previous workplaces.    Oh, and of course it goes almost without saying, that you should be able to demonstrate your ability to work collaboratively, even under stressful conditions.

Creative Commons License photo credit: SideLong