Services for Job Seekers

Should I Stay or Should I go?

Whether you are considering making a move from your current position or are experiencing a challenge in your workplace but wish to stay on, Nonprofit Career Advisor can help you think through the best strategies to keep you aligned with your heart’s desires.

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Career Advising. I have reviewed thousands of résumés and interviewed hundreds of professionals as a nonprofit executive recruiter. Send me your resume and I will lend you my ear.  I have a keenly perceptive nature and promise to guide you well on your career journey.  I will help you to gain clarity on where your passions lie, and how to approach fulfilling them.

Conflict Coaching.  When I walk down the street of Manhattan I often time hear friends complaining of workplace issues, office politics or how they would have done things so much better.  I’d like to support, prepare and empower you to take those conversations back to the workplace, to the office of the people who might be able to address the issue.  I have over 10 years of experience in workplace mediation and dispute resolution. Please, let me help you make your workplace more pleasant.

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