Services for Organizations

Conflict Resolution

Change often brings conflict.  Organization’s that are undergoing a change in leadership should understand the potential impact on staff, volunteers, leaders, and other stakeholders within the community.

I offer:

  • Chief Executive/Board President Mediation
  • Staff Mediation and Counseling
  • Stakeholder Meeting/Group Facilitation
  • Coaching for Difficult Conversations
  • Non-violent Communication (NVC) Trainings

Contact me for more information or to customize a service package to meet your needs.

Leadership Transition Consultation – Free 45 minute consultation 

  • If you are thinking of initiating a leadership transition in your organization, I can help you explore “next steps”.  Leveraging over a decade of experience in nonprofit executive search, I can help answer questions like: What is the best approach to an executive search?  What will increase chances for successful recruitment and retention?  Who should be involved? Should you use a search firm? What is the difference between a “retained” and “contingency” firm?  What steps are required?  Who should conduct candidate interviews?   What questions should be asked?  Let me help you answer these questions and prepare for a successful executive search. Contact me for more information.