“For many people a job is more than an income – it’s an important part of who we are. So a career transition of any sort is one of the most unsettling experiences you can face in your life.”      — Paul Clitheroe

Nonprofit Executive Search. I have the opportunity to leverage over 13 years experience as a recruiter with a NYC based executive search consulting firm that serves the nonprofit sector.  I have reviewed thousands of resumes, interviewed hundreds of candidates, and worked with dozens of Boards of Directors in the executive search process. I have a keen understanding of candidate selection and development, and a strong track-record of helping prospective candidates to gain clarity in their job search so they can position themselves most favorably in their career transition.

“In great teams conflict becomes productive. The free flow of conflicting ideas is critical for creative thinking, for discovering new solutions no one individual would have come to on his own.”   —-Peter Senge

Mediator, Negotiator and Dispute Resolution Manager.   I am also a professional mediator and have mediated hundreds of employment disputes, primarily in the healthcare and higher education settings.  As a labor representative, I have been involved in dozens of labor contract negotiations.  Presently, I serve as a mediator for the US Postal Service and the United Parcel Service.

This work is offered in a Gift Economy.  A gift economy is a mode of exchange where valuables are not traded or sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. This contrasts with a market economy, where goods and services are primarily exchanged for value received. For me, a gift economy is about sharing what I have to offer and being open to receiving what is then paid forward.  Especially for individuals committed to, or entering into, the nonprofit sector, I am delighted to give.

Please note that I respect the confidentiality of all my clients.